SPEAKERTILE is a patented 390mm x 68mm skinned foam 3D interior decor panel. Very light and durable in construction, it can be mounted to any surface, with a finish and sheen that is indistinguishable from the look of a real subwoofer driver.

Even though this design is made from lightweight and flexible skinned foam, our moulding design had exceptional sharpness and detail. The edges are crisp, the finish is smooth, and the slick design turns any wall into a feature.


SPEAKERTILE'S hexagonal shape gives it endless mounting and configuration properties, and installtion is simple - either using self adhesive tape to apply to your surface, or for wall mounting simply hammer short pin-nails into your wall and pierce the back of the Speakertile onto them. Speakertile doubles up as a useful sound deadening panel, and will absorb sound and reflections in a studio and home environment.